The Bellamy Mansion

Port City Paranormal® began investigating The Historic Bellamy Mansion in the spring of 2010. Because of confidentiality restraints requested by the mansion, we did not post our findings.

Late 2011, we received permission to publicly share our evidence. This is the and evidence story of we collected on our first three investigations. We were joined on these vigils by our good friend, Bellamy Mansion Curator,and resident expert Braxton Williams.

After careful review, we feel that this historic home is indeed haunted. Voices from the Bellamys and their servants have traversed one hundred years to communicate with our team. What was it like to live here one hundred years ago?

Click on Icons to play EVP evidence. EVP may auto start, wait a few seconds then,Click on each to listen. Please use good head phones, turning down the base will enhance recordings.

Our investigation began with the team setting up eight static IR cameras with sound around the Mansion and slave quarters. Each investigator wore a personal recorder and/or still cameras. With this system we were able to go back to specific moments to listen if the EVP recorded on multiple devices. We also could triangulate location of person closest to the EVP event and double check for false positives. Because the mansion is just a few feet to Market Street, ambient noise from pedestrians and traffic was closely monitored.

Midway during our December 2010 investigation, we all heard one of the main entry doors slam. We gathered by the front door to find who slammed the door, but no one had. As we talked more, we found that we all heard it clearly, but then we could not agree on which door! On reviewing the personal and static audio, we found that the sound level was the same, no matter where it was recorded. The Bellamy Mansion is never in complete darkness: Street lights provide ample illumination. We do not feel that complete darkness is needed for any investigations, but it is thought that the available energy used to produce the faintest of images is quite high, leading to the theory that spirit apparitions are more easily seen and can be captured on camera with the lowest amount of light.

The Ghosts of Bellamy Mansion

Many different voices were heard during these three investigations. We recorded the usual “GET OUT “and ” Who is that?” ( Maybe the spirits thought we were Yankee Soldiers.) More significantly we had different personalities ( both male and female) respond in certain locations. Braxton called out to Sarah in the slave quarters and when she is addressed she is talkative and friendly. Questions to Dr. Bellamy elicited stern responses, where as Mrs Bellamy acknowledged our presents and was more welcoming than the Dr. Mrs Bellamy was apparently very proud of her home. In the front foyer a soft pleading male voice said” Don’t leave me…I’m here…”

There also seemed to be a child that made itself known to the team with short laughs, and the sound of a toy penny whistle. The basement area consists of the dining room, butler’s pantry, kitchen and ironing room. There we ran into some one who stated” Pick Up the Place, NOW!”. We asked the entity if is was pleasant to work for the Bellamy family: “No!” with the sound of a foot stomping for emphasis!

No correlation of Solar x-ray, Geomagnetic Activity, Temperature, or moon phase data has been noted to explain the amount of activity at the Bellamy Mansion.

We feel that this haunting is benign and does not seem to pose any threat to those who work or visit the mansion. Be sure to be polite to anyone you meet, just in case!

Ghosts Of Bellamy Mansion

We encourage you to wear a good set of Studio headphones to listen to EVP. Some audio has been enhanced for this presentation.

Bellamy Mansion: Investigation IV January 2012

One of our favorite places in Historic Wilmington is The Bellamy Mansion. Built by the finest craftsmen of the day with its commanding view of the Cape Fear, this stately home is full of history and ghosts of the past….

Dr John Bellamy, Eliza and their eight (soon to be 9) children moved into this lavish,10,000 square foot mansion in March of 1861. The home has been the residence of the Bellamy family, except for its brief occupation by Union soldiers, and during the yellow fever epidemic, until it was abandoned shortly after the death of their last daughter Ellen in 1946.

For almost two centuries this great Antebellum mansion has stood in silent witness to the Civil War, Union Occupation, Emancipation and Southern Reconstruction. The “Big House” has weathered damage from hurricanes, vandals, arson and the passage of time….But even now, voices can be heard on the staircase, and slave quarters. Our research attempts to identify the spirits who haunt the Bellamy Mansion. Could it be little Kate who died the year she was born in 1858? Perhaps the good Doctor and his wife continue to entertain in the parlor, or the children still play and learn their lessons on the 3rd floor. Perhaps the slaves, although freemen, choose to stay on and take care of the family.
Or possibly a lone Union sentry still stands guard…..

EVP:  Doug Anderson, Tony Hall, Aleigha Scott, Jc Anderson

Photographs: Kat Fowler, Jc Anderson