Black River

It was hot on that July evening when the Port City Paranormal® team drove down a lonely dirt road to find this stately home hidden somewhere in the woods of a nearby county.

The home was built in the early 1700’s and has been in the same family for many generations. The house has weathered the years of slavery, the Civil War, disease and death. This home has long been rumored to be haunted. With it’s long history, we wondered who still moved in the shadows.

From the great porch, the endless thrum of Carolina cicadas filled the hot muggy air. Scattered patches of moonlight drifted across the landscape before us, its dingy silver glow occasionally hinting at faint shadows peering from the dense woods.

When the key slipped into the lock, the world fell silent.

Birds no longer rustled in their nests, no fish broke the water’s surface, silence hung motionless in the darkness. Nothing but old memories existed at that moment. Something ancient slowly oozed from the muck of the river bottom, and began to rise towards the surface. Old secrets whispered from the river’s edge as the shroud of some long forgotten spell stirred inside the old plantation house.

An errant breeze swirled a few dead leaves across the dried lawn, breaking us from our reverie.

The lock clicked, the door opened, and the house greeted us with the faint smell of dust and crumbling old paper, like an ancient cabinet locked and forgotten in some attic corner. Like some dried husk, the house was stagnant and empty of life. Somewhere, something stirred as if waking from a deep dreamless sleep. The house inhaled in anticipation… It had been waiting for so very long….

Doug and Tony led two teams for this investigation. After a complete emf and temperature sweep showed no abnormal readings, we began our investigation, timing our EVP sessions to avoid contamination evidence.

Upstairs in a large bedroom, we gathered for a formal EVP session. Jc sat on old bed covered with an threadbare quilt, and began the session. After saying only a few words, JC felt the bed fame began to vibrate under her. To be sure the phenomena was real, Tony sat next to her, experiencing the same mysterious movement for several minutes.

Although frequent whispers were heard, and some experienced a momentary touch, or felt a cold breath brush their cheek, no audio evidence was obtained that night.

No Matter what the objective evidence showed, the presence of something unnatural was unmistakable. We were very grateful to the family for allowing us to investigate this historical home.