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Apparition: a perceptional-like experience that relates to a person or animal that is not physically present.
      Experimental: where a living person deliberately attempts to appear before a chosen percipient.
      Crisis: apparition of person at the time he or she is undergoing a crisis or extreme stress no more than 12 hrs before
or after the even
      Postmortem: an apparition of a person who has been dead for at least 12 hours.
      Ghost Experience:  So called ghosts are recurrent or haunting apparitions witnessed in the same locality on
 a number of occasions and do not show awareness of surroundings or the living.
PK/ RSPK:  Theory proposing poltergeist effects can be due to the use of PK without conscious awareness as a release of
psychological tension

Paradolia :  (Matrixing) when the human brain tries to make sense out of patterns, seeing faces where there are none.
Evidence:  n   1.sign; indication   
      2. basis for belief
Proof:  n  1. convincing evidence
Apophenia- Attempting to make connections where there are none.
Place memory- Storage of information in the environment by configuration of electronic particles or molecular structure.
Hypothesis- An educated guess about how things work

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