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Wilmington’s oldest and most accomplished paranormal team.

Case Studies
Investigating the Haunted Cape Fear’s Scariest Locations.
Port City Paranormal
Free meetings. Last Friday of every month at Mc Allister’s Deli.
Port City Paranormal
Psychic Reflections
Probably the scariest part of the paranormal is not knowing what is going to happen next!

We are educated experienced professionals who have joined together to provide assistance to those having problems that may be paranormal in nature. We investigate and research unexplained phenomena that includes:

Hauntings, Apparitions, Poltergeist, Survival, and related Psi phenomena.
Our goal is to dispel the fear and myth associated with unexplained activity by providing support and understanding to our clients, and the spirits we encounter. Port City Paranormal combines Science and Spirituality to gather all available information and to look at each case as a whole, always remaining respectful, open minded and objective.

Port City Paranormal is a proud member of the Parapsychological Association, the Rhine Research Center, the Office of Paranormal Investigations, and IONS.

Be certain that we are here to help you first. We believe, that as our body of knowledge and understanding grows, we can help bring peace to those who are troubled by the unexplained.

*PortCity Paranormal is a FREE Service and every case is Important *

Meet Our Team

EVP Specialist, Lead Investigator, Tech Manager
Doug Anderson – Founder
Case Manager, Lead Investigator, Web Master
Jane Anderson – Co-Founder
Lead Investigator, Tech team
Tony Hall
Psychic Tara Farkus teaches  Rock and Crystal Protection
Psychic Consultant
Tara Farkas
Lead Investigator
Joey Goodman
Troy Haney
Steven Bowen
Deb Bowen
The Good Witch Of the South
Donna Giles

In Loving Memory of
our friend and team mate Becky Bukowski


Proud Member of Universal Paranormal

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