St. Albans Sanatorium

May 2013, The team made their first to visit to this well known haunted sanatorium.
Our goal for this investigation was to refine our techniques and methods of recording phenomena and compare
our evidence with findings of other teams. Although many teams have visited St Albans, just who haunts the buildings remains unknown. We hope we can communicate with the spirits and learn more of the unwritten history.

Built on former Shawnee and Cherokee land, John Miles opened St Albans Lutheran Boys School here in 1892.
The prestigious boys preparatory school was both home and classroom for many young students, and one of the
most well respected schools in the state. After 20 years of service St Albans School was closed. Doctor J.C. King purchased the facility in 1916,and realizing his life long dream, reopened its doors as St Albans Sanatorium. Dedicated to healing the mentally disturbed, St Albans use the most modern treatment and was superior to most other institutions of its day. St Albans cared for thousands of patients until 2004, when services were moved to a new facility and the old building was donated to Radford University.The building stood vacant for sometime and was slated for demolition. Local groups were able to prevent demolition and this historic site is now available fro tours. (

There are places where you feel surrounded by spirits, hear their whispers, and catch a glimpse of a shape in the darkness. Then, there are other places that seem empty, but are in reality, these sites can be filled with voices heard only by the recorders… St Albans is both.

As we investigated the top floor in St. Alban’s, Jenny, Linda and I heard a noise in the room across from the stairwell. We moved to the center of the room and immediately started an EVP session. After a few minutes Doug came to the doorway but as he attempted to enter, the door slowly closed in his face. No one had touched the door, and we could not find a
natural cause for this movement. All attempts to get the door to close again on its own failed, but it was not enough to call it paranormal.

On review of the video evidence, Doug could not find the segment of the door closing. At first, we thought the evidence had been lost, but found Four minutes of the video were missing… just those 4 minutes, but how? The head cam continued to record the remainder of the vigil without incident.

• Coincidence or Corroborative Evidence?
We don’t know… It seems strange that happened at that particular moment. Is it just a coincidence or are these two events supportive evidence of paranormal activity?