Psychic Reflections
Life After Death: The Continuation of Consciousness?

I have been a paranormal investigator for over fifteen years. What have we learned about life after death, sadly, very little! What we have experienced has changed my belief system drastically. I believe that the energies that drive the mind in life continue after death in a coherent fashion. That is, the personality of those who have passed, remain intact. At least, for a time, we continue on.

Why do I believe this? Well, we have heard, recorded voices of the “dead” and photographed them. I have even witnessed full body apparitions. Some would consider me quite daft for my words. If I had not heard the recordings and seen all this, I might agree. I think the evidence speaks for itself.

There are arguments to say that none of this has anything to do with spirits and ghosts. The least informed would say that it is all faked. Photographic tricks and contrived voices. Some Parapsychologists might say that these images and voices are just projections of our own minds. This may be true to some extent. We have recorded the thoughts of the living without them speaking. The human mind is a powerful thing. We still know so little about our own psychic abilities.

Where does this leave the paranormal investigator? Are we just chasing our own tails and reporting on ourselves or are we making this up? My evidence says no, not all of it. The voice recordings we have may be the deciding factor. We have received messages in direct answer to our questions. Could we be answering ourselves? Maybe but we have also been given information we had no knowledge of beforehand. It was only after research later that we found it to be correct.

As far as photographic evidence, the jury is still out. I have never altered, faked or changed any of it. As far as psychic projection, it would take a very powerful mind to accomplish what we have recorded in the still photos and video evidence. I know that to some degree it is possible (see Ted Serios). I know little about CGI.  (Computer Generated Images). I would have no idea how to go about it. Therefore, either the images are real or they are projections from one of us.

So, what happens when we die? There are many theories and religious beliefs. I could not enumerate them here. Do the energies (ghosts) eventually dissipate into nothingness over time? How long do they remain? There are some hauntings that continue over decades or even centuries. Is this because we know the stories or the history and then expect or create the haunting. Do they move on to a different realm, a different dimension, do the personalities become part of a collective consciousness? We have no clue! We asked these questions of the dead and have yet to receive an answer. Maybe it is because those who remain earthbound have not experienced it yet and they just don’t know. Another possibility is that they refuse to answer as it may not be comprehensible to our intellect. I am not sure we will ever know but we will continue to explore and ask our questions.