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Identification and Diagnosis of Supernatural Activity

      Identification and Diagnosis of Supernatural Activity

While reading a public “on line ghost forum”, I noted a post from a man, who, while learning to investigate (in a grave yard) used his phone ghost app and claimed he opened direct line of communication with an unknown spirit.  Now he feels this entity has attached to him.  His conclusion was confirmed by the “psychic” that was with him who openly declared that a negative entity had attached itself to him. To make matters worse, he then went on line to ask millions of strangers for help with this problem. The replies ranged from confusing to misleading to downright unethical.

This is disturbing, but it happens all too frequently.

We believe that many things can be learned on line, but everything you see on line isn’t true.   There are no qualifications for posting to on-line forums, so you never know who will answer your questions.  Is this person qualified to give advice, and what makes him qualified?

If you are having unexplained problems and have thoroughly explored all other natural explanations, we offer some recommendations:

1.First, ask for references. Does this team depend on a psychic member?  If so, investigate the “Psychic”.  How do you know they are psychic? What is her/his track record, has there been any study or proof of her/his talents other than their say so?   Many people pretend to be psychic to gain attention, to manipulate others, and even to make money with false claims.
2- Remember the Power of Suggestion!  Just hearing a place is haunted can automatically predispose people to expect to see or hear something paranormal!   Negative stories can be the cause of negative experiences.
3- What type of tools does the group use? Phone apps are toys, play with them, yes, but if they really worked, the inventor would have made millions, made the news, and we would all be using them. They are a scam and do not work. Does the team use other psychic tools, divining rods, pendulums or Ouija boards?  These can also be used to perpetrate fraud. Can they prove the accuracy of these tools or are you left taking their word for it again?
4- Avoid teams known to investigate graveyards.   No matter what they say, it’s illegal to trespass in these places after dark. If they break the trespassing laws, what other laws do they ignore? Evidence from open air investigations are the source of many false interpretations, used as “real evidence”.  Orbs, unexplained noises, far off voices and eerie mists can be faked or misinterpreted.  In general, outdoor investigations are contaminated from the start because the many variables cannot be controlled or ruled out.

The client should know what to expect and not to leave children or residence unattended at any time. Explain the possible dangers from the “living” they may encounter.  The client should be aware of the plan and methods of investigation, how many team members are coming and the time and length of the investigation.

Avoid posting any of your personal business and information on line!!

Avoid teams who claim they are demonologists or exorcists or led by a unproven psychic. Ask for credentials or where they have studied.

Ask the client if they have any recorded evidence of an entity?   Ask why they think it is paranormal, and what they think may have caused these problems Speak to each witness alone and note their personal interpretation of the phenomena.

If the client has already reviewed the site for naturally occurring causes, the team should repeat the procedure. Remind the client that investigating yourself is like being your own lawyer, you can’t be objective.

Posting your dilemma on line is asking for trouble, and guaranteed to confuse the problem beyond all recognition.

Think about it; Your doctor would not make a diagnosis over the phone or the internet, so how would you expect to get an accurate diagnosis of something supernatural from strangers on line??   Information provided on any public forum should always be suspect then researched.   There is no way anyone can give a sound assessment when the whole story or circumstances is unknown.

The process of spirit confirmation and then spirit identification is long, tedious and sometimes impossible. Take your time to get all the facts, and then do a ton of historical research.   Always remain objective.
Be careful out there; study hard and prepare yourself before you dive into to something that could be potentially dangerous!

The paranormal can be truly frightening especially when a client is unaware of the deceit and fraudulence disguised as genuine advice found on line.

JC Anderson~ Port City Paranormal