Psychic Reflections
Manchurian Candidate

As I learn more about PK and healing, I find the manipulation of the human body by the mind can have both positive and negative impacts.

Wm. Braud, Bernard Grad, Watkins & Watkins performed several successful studies focused on measuring the positive aspects of Distant Mental Influence on Living Systems or DMILS. Dr. R. Stanford suggested that the process was through mental or behavioral influence. These Mental Influences are directed towards correcting energy imbalances, dis-ease processes, or delay of potential health problems. The “Healing” influence may also trigger self–healing, or provide increased motivation (i.e. increased self-worth) that promote self-healing. Beside reported energy drain of the influencer, it appears on the surface that there are no negative side effects from healing or increasing food production. Also credited to DMILS is the removal of physical or psychological barriers that may impede the physical healing process. Successful studies show that pulse rates can be altered, as well as blood pressure, and mental imagery. On occasion, some “healers” refuse do hands on healing directed to destroy harmful organisms such as bacteria or cancers, because the targets are inadvertently “Healed” causing them to flourish. In Western medicine, the standard observation is that no treatments are entirely successful without possible negative side effects. The positive results of DMILS, healing, and PK in humans is well known but there is always the possibility that DMILS can be used in a negative or manipulative manor. As Jule Eisenbud reported on his attempts to issue a mental command to have subjects telephone him, we have to ask if other commands can be sent as well.

Existing studies are designed to measure positive intentions and the production of positive outcomes. Few researchers have addressed the issue of possible harmful or unwanted psi influence. The lack of experimentation with negative psi is mainly due to ethical issues.

If DMILS can heal someone by altering blood pressure (preventing a MI or Stroke), there may be the possibility that they could also be used in a form of “reversed healing” as seen with the “Evil Eye” or a Voodoo curse. (The effect can occur without the subject’s knowledge). The negative influences in these
cases could cause an increase in some preexisting abnormality, thus causing disease. In all cases, believers are more susceptible than non-believers are.

In some healing modes, mental influences can install positive or strengthen attitudes, but at the same time the mechanism that heals can cause bias in decision-making, effect voting tendencies, purchase behaviors, or personal choices. DMILS could influence the accessibility of memories, alter perceptions, feelings, or affect the sequence/ timing of activities. Braud feels that “such alterations could in turn have either trivial or profound individual or social effects.”

Would someone using Psi directly influence another mind to create a Manchurian candidate? Was the assassin Sirhan Sirhan2 manipulated into become the sleeper agent he claimed to be? Although political thrillers and movies have portrayed mental manipulation of will, there is no compelling evidence that external Psi influences can produce undesirable effects in humans.

1) The Manchurian Candidate: The term was coined by R, Condon in his 1959 book of the sane name. Definition :A person who,unbeknownst to himself has been convinced to perform injurious acts or used as a puppet by an enemy power.

2) In 1977, Sirhan Sirhan launched an appeal of his guilty verdict by claiming to be a “Manchurian Candidate” in the assassination of Robert Kennedy. Sirhan’s lawyer claimed “Sirhan had been hypnotized and could not remember killing Kennedy”.

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